View of Georgian Bay in the Sans Souci Island area.

There is nothing like working on Georgian Bay on a wonderful sunny day!   This is looking westward from the deck of a cottage on a rock in the Sans Souci Island area.  Performed a WETT Inspection on two factory build fireplaces in the cottage, and a cleaning on each as well.  They hardly needed cleaning at all, but they are changing insurance companies and I wanted to ensure we could honestly tell the company they chimneys had been cleaned and not simply an opinion.  I also took camera over for an inspection of the liners.  Why the camera?  Why not I ask.  It takes only a few minutes to give that “Peace of Mind” to the customer and really it is about honesty and integrity.  No I don’t charge extra to inspect with the camera, it is part of the job and part of doing what is right.  No I did not charge them for two sweeps.. in fact not even one.  They did not need it, but it is better to say it was done and done properly versus an opinion it does not need to be done.  It is again about honesty and integrity and doing what is right for the customer.  If you have a cottage in the Sans Souci Island area, Parry Sound, Port Carling .. or anywhere south of there to Midland, Penetanguishene or Orillia.. then give us a call and book an appointment and get the PEACE OF MIND you deserve.

Author: Chimney Sweep

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