Bad smelling firewood.

Have had customers from time to time mention the smell of firewood.  All firewood stored outdoors will have some humidity in it even when seasoned; and with that some wood can carry an odour.

Even when wood is down to 20% level of moisture – which is considered seasoned by the woodstove manufacturers – it can still contain enough moisture to emit a smell.

Some wood is worse than others – one we have around here that can smell bad is Red Oak.  Best to not put the wood indoors – some like to store inside – but please know in advance it can smell.

Also note that storing wood indoors – on any wood or woodstove site – will NOT be recommended for a few reasons.  In fact I don’t think I have ever seen a reputable site which recommended storing inside – reasons to not do so include.

These include – adding moisture to your home – making the firewood too dry (yes it can be too dry and there are other blogs I have explaining that) – adding unpleasant odours to your home – bringing pests and insects indoors with the wood – potentially causing a fire hazard (do not stack close to heat – wood stove – in fact in most cases keep back 48″ from stove).

So yes there can be nasty odours from firewood – some worse than others.  Oak in our area can be one of the worst – yet is also a highly desirable wood.  If you are going to bring it inside – despite all the above – try to tell the wood supplier you do not want any oak in the mix.