What is a Rumford Fireplace?

What is a Rumford?  In fact you may have one and not even know it.  Really it is a fireplace design by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford; an American born physicist and inventor whose challenges to established physical theory were part of the 19th century revolution in thermodynamics. His work involved a wide area but include gunnery, explosives, insulation and heat. And of course the fireplace design named after him – the Rumford.

The Rumford is a fireplace that works, and an existing and possibly compromised fireplace can even sometimes be turned into a Rumford.  The Rumford was popular when peopled heated with a fireplace instead of using it for visual entertainment.  But in the environment of high electrical costs; you want the heat from your fireplace!

Yes the modern fireplace has a stylish look, but frankly they don’t work.  They quite simply are not as effective as the old classic Rumford.  The Rumford has been with us a long time, invented in the 18th century.. and yet it still works better than the traditional fireplace of the 21st century – which often time sends much of the heat skyward.

In design the Rumford was about as wide as it was high, the total depth and width of rear wall is approximately 1/3 the width / height of opening – note by Ontario Building Code this must be at least 300mm in depth.  And the back wall is vertical in design.

Get professional help and get a Rumford – and heat your home in style and a traditional working fireplace.  Get a Rumford.  More heat and less smoke!