Simple Rules To Lighting A Fire

Some struggle with lighting a fire, and frankly the biggest problem is using damp or wet wood .. it is just hard to light a fire without dry wood period.  On the other hand, while you can use paper, never use garbage or construction waste in your woodstove.  Here is a video to view to understand some easy to follow rules.

And always ensure your chimney is cleaned by a Certified Chimney Sweep on a regular basis!  Why?  Well there are and have been for years guys wandering around with brooms, claiming to clean chimneys, yet at the same time never really understanding or knowing how a stove or chimney works, what kind of defects to look for, how to repair the chimney or stove or even how to know to properly clean the chimney – they just operate by the seat of their pants so to speak – and take your money.  The Certification process ensures the Chimney Sweep is properly trained and has field experience.