So the heat shield silliness continues!

Just had a customer in Tiny who had asked a woodstove installer from Midland how to install a heat shield.  This individual apparently sells wood stoves!  Does he know the code and rules?  I would say yes.  But he does not clearly know material names.

He told the individual to use resilient channel, which he did.  But resilient channel is only 1/2″ of clearance.

Code states 7/8″ is required!!  Oops..

What you need is called Furring Channel which does provide the 7/8″ clearances.  So if in question get furring channel.. and measure it to ensure it is 7/8″ and you won’t have to do it over.

There were some other problems with dimensions of heat shield as well, which he had to make wider; if you don’t know the rules please save yourself time and simply ask.

Author: Chimney Sweep

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