Home Inspection

BDB Home Inspections

Bryson Bumstead is in my opinion one of the better Home Inspectors in the Midland area;  being a licensed plumber by trade.

Bryson takes the time to do the job right.  He has had proper Home Inspector education and you will not be disappointed.

If you are going to hire a Home Inspector in the Midland and Penetanguishene area – at least get one who is local and does it right!

Now I have seen several from Barrie area – and a couple are good as well.

Go to his website to learn more.

Paragon Home Inspection Services

Keith Leonard, a local Home Inspector in the Midland area and another Certified Master Inspector has proven to be one of the top inspectors in North Simcoe.

Keith has taken the necessary training to do it right and is one of the two Midland Home Inspectors I would recommend.

Keith is not WETT Certified – which is fine – as I would always recommend finding a good Chimney Sweep to do the WETT Inspections.

Visit his website to learn more.

Keen Eye Inspections

Darryl Coutts is another local Home Inspector – from the Barrie area – who is also a Certified Master Inspector.

I have seen several jobs Darryl has done in the Midland, Penetanguishene and Tiny Township area; and I would say he does have a Keen-Eye.

If you are looking for a Home Inspector in the Barrie area or even up towards Midland I would recommend Darryl as a good choice.

Assured – Home & Renovation Inspections

Paul is one of the only Home Inspectors in the Collingwood and Wasaga Beach area who I have seen work and observed how he does the job.

I feel Paul is well trained and is very good at his job.

If you need a Home Inspector in the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Angus or Stayner areas then Paul would be a good choice.

Paul is WETT Certified – and while he is able to do only a BASIC visual inspection – he is one of the better Home Inspectors I have seen at properly performing a WETT Inspection.