Prices – Installation and Consulting

Pricing for 2018/19 will be as shown below.

InstallsPreparatory work, design and planning: typically billed at between $25 to $50 per hour.

Driving time: $50/hr (covers time and fuel)

Install on site: $50/hr (for one installer – 2nd billed @ $35/hr).

Heatshield  or floor material:  costs as charged by Huronia Steel – material and shop costs @ $70/hr {as of April 2018}.  Depending on size heatshields typically cost $140 to $200 if corner install and slightly less if rear or stove to wall – cost for pipe shields and ceiling shields will vary.  There are also commercially pre-manufactured heat shields available which typically run from $500 and up depending on needs.

** If purchased floor pad will be cost at Home Hardware (typically $180+ depending on size).

Other: Misc materials used onsite charged at flat rate – this covers caulking, screws, nails, rivets, paint, saw blades, drills, etc. and is normal fee on any job.

Materials: Typically ordered from Midland Home Hardware – you simply pay cost.

Costs are shown above to assist in understanding as the invoice will include only a single line for install charges.

Masonry WorkMost masonry work that is large I will refer to masons.  The same as chimney sweeping should be left to full time sweeps; so should masonry be left to full time masons.  Chimney sweeps do not make good masons and masons are generally not good sweeps.  Having said that I do replace cast in place chimney crowns and do minor brick repointing.  Jobs generally are best left to quote individually but generally works out to around $75/hr plus material.  A typical crown may run $400-500 or thereabouts in average but varies by each chimney.
Onsite ConsultingTypically $25/Hr plus travel time (@ $40/hr).
Woodstove SalesI don’t sell stoves but can obtain them as part of install sourced via 4 local suppliers depending on requirements.  I also have other sources for good quality used stoves if needed.
FirewoodI do not sell firewood but often have some information on quality local suppliers based upon feedback from customers.
Note:Prices will be increased for all travel and calculated as a distance from Midland, Ontario.  Prices within 45 mile radius do not typically change other than water access properties. Cost are $25/hr for time and recommended vehicle rate charges of $0.48/km on total km driven.  Generally works to around $50/hr.