Moving a chimney!

Yes that is right .. moving a chimney.   Something we did today for a home that had sold and was not code compliant.  Actually the chimney clearances were not the only problem, but they were all addressed as well.  

Moving a chimney is not the easiest job in the world, however it is possible with the right tools and experience.

Now having said that this is a Factory Built, stainless steel chimney and not a brick or stone masonry one.  The masonry ones are much more difficult and much more than a days work, even a very long day.  The masonry chimneys are much more closely attached and integrated into the structure of the home than is a factory built chimney.  

If you are buying a home, have recently bought one or just want peace of mind – call today to have your system inspected.  We love to help and want to provide peace of mind!

Author: Chimney Sweep

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