Installation Severn Falls

A nice wood stove in a cottage on the river in the Severn Falls area.  Severn Falls Installed with Selkirk chimney and pipe.   Stove is a J.A.Roby wood stove, manufactured in Quebec.  The J.A.Roby company also makes some nice kitchen cookstoves for those interested, and I have installed a few of those as well.  As a side note the other nice kitchen cookstove I have installed is the Margin Gem.  If you are interested in kitchen wood burning cookstoves look at either of those.  For this one, a low slope roof with stainless steel chimney.  The chimney actually has a black trim on the lower part, covering the stainless steel and giving a “finished” appearance to the entire run.  The top of the stove pipe has a trim ring to cover the screws and crimp area on end of pipe, again giving the finished look.  I have seen a lot of installations in the area where these trim features are simply left off, why?  It provides that polished look.  If you are thinking of a woodstove or chimney installation then give us a call today or request online here.

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