Welcome to RAW Chimney Sweep

If you need your chimney maintained or cleaned then I would love to assist you.

In All My Business I Always Will Be

  • courteous and professional and fully explain anything about the Chimney Cleaning / Chimney Sweeping and/or WETT Inspection that you are not sure of.  I enjoy assisting you in every small detail with your wood burning system.
  • carrying my WETT I.D. badge as should all WETT Certified Chimney Sweeps or Inspectors.  WETT provided each legitimate member with an ID card, validate the legitimacy and protect yourself.
  • using a Power Chimney Sweep if appropriate for a superior job; or older style Chimney Brushes from steel or poly when needed.  My goal is to give you as clean a Chimney as possible.
  • finding your problems with wood-stove or chimney and assisting to fix them!

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Avoid the consequences of hiring an inexperienced or underqualified Inspector

Insist your service provider adheres to the NFPA-211

Standard of Chimney Maintenance and Inspection

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So What Do I Perform For Services

  • clean chimneys – masonry and factory built
  • clean wood stoves & fireplaces
  • clean outdoor furnaces and oil furnace chimneys
  • Perform WETT Inspections for insurance and mortgage purposes

What I Do

  • Chimney Sweep / Chimney Clean
  • Factory Built Chimneys / Masonry Chimneys – Install & Repair
  • Masonry Flue Repair – Smoke Chamber Repair – Chimney Crown Repair
  • Glazed Creosote Removal
  • Wood-Stoves / Fireplaces / Fireplace Inserts / Wood-Furnaces
  • Outdoor Wood Boilers / Pellet Stoves
  • Oil Furnaces / Oil Stoves cleaning.
  • Removal nests and other Chimney blockages. (Nesting season restrictions and charges apply)
  • provide WETT Inspections for pre-purchase and insurance requirements.
  •  Installations stainless steel chimneys, wood stoves, pellet stoves, furnaces.
  •  Masonry crown rebuild/replace.
  •  Brick chimney repointing, replacement.
  •  Stainless steel liner installation.

WETT Advanced Chimney Sweep


WETT Comprehensive Inspector

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