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Chimney Sweep

Burning wood in the fireplace causes soot and creosote to collect inside the flue of the chimney. These deposits can result in a chimney fire or unwanted deterioration of the inside of your chimney.

It’s recommended that you have your chimney cleaned annually and inspected regularly to ensure your fireplace is operating optimally and safely.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that your chimney needs cleaning.

Our basic chimney sweep service includes use of the most up-to-date chimney cleaning technology and equipment.

Our technicians will ensure a clean job site by laying fresh ground coverings around and over the front of the fireplace to ensure no soot damage.

We use a state of the art vacuum to ensure there is no debris left in your home.


As part of the regular chimney cleaning appointment the technician will do a basic visual inspection to identify possible maintenance concerns.

At RAW Chimney we also offers more detailed WETT (code-compliance) inspections for insurance and home-sale considerations.

    Chimney Inspection


    Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that your chimney is not operating efficiently. Burning wood results in the deposit of a highly flammable substance called soot and creosote in your chimney flue. This deposit can ignite, causing a chimney fire. 

    Our team uses large, specialized brushes are used by the technician to remove the deposits from the entire chimney flue and smoke chamber.


    An important part of the technician’s visit is a basic inspection of your chimney/fireplace. Our technicians are fully insured and certified by W.E.T.T. (Wood Energy Technical Training). 

    If we identify a problem we will make sure to explain what special attention may be required in order to maximize chimney/fireplace safety.


    Your satisfaction is very important to us at RAW Chimney.  Our team makes every effort to ensure you are up-to-date on your chimney needs and understand how to get the most from your wood burning stove.


    We also provide our customers with nest and blockage removal (we’ve even helped with bats), stainless steel chimney liner, chimney caps and accessories, detailed W.E.T.T. (Wood Energy Technical Training) reports as well as special rates for multi-unit properties. Make sure your fireplace is ready for the season by contacting our office to schedule a service appointment today.

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