Chimney Leaking?

Had a panic call from a customer; I had done the inspection on the wood stove and chimney earlier this year.  They felt that their chimney in their cottage was leaking – they had to leave and had placed a bucket under the area and were hoping for the best.  They had said that every other time they had been up this past summer it had been dry – this time it was raining and leaking.

Well we had a very wet summer so if something was going to leak, it would have likely been evident before now.

Well they called up today and had arrived and no sign of water.  What was it?  Well realistically – most likely was condensation.  I have seen rust spots on ceiling chimney supports from nothing more than condensation!   While leaks can happen, and if they do should be properly dealt with, most often any moisture is simply condensation.  But I never leave any customer hanging and would gladly have gone to help if they needed me!

Author: Chimney Sweep

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