Chimney Installation

Sometimes chimneys simply need to be replaced.   Sometimes too old and no longer acceptable materials.  Sometimes needs to be raised and parts are no longer available.  There are a few reasons, but when it is being  done you want somebody who is WETT Certified to do the work!

This particular one was water access, but we do work on islands, rivers, lakes or mainland.  If you need help with your chimney we can help.

Galvanized Chimney

This particular one had some surprises when opened up!!  When shingles and flashing were removed the chimney was within 1/4 inch of the woodend roof deck on each side.. the hole was less than half an inch wider than chimney diameter!!  Chimneys need a minimum of two inches on all sides to combustibles.  The ceiling support was no better.  So job became a little bigger than expected, but that happens.  The important thing was the work was complete properly and customer is satisfied.

Author: Chimney Sweep

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