Sweeping Policy

Upon arrival at your home we will evaluate your appliance and venting system. We have 3 separate brush, pole & rod systems as well as a power sweep tool.

I will determine whether or not your chimney will be swept from above or below.  It is often easier and safer if it can be done from below.

If, for example your chimney is very high over the roof line and cannot be safely accessed from the roof this type of brush system would be used.  You will be told beforehand what will be done, and how it will happen. This is so you will be aware, comfortable and confident with the service that we provide. Our goal is to sweep your chimney system thoroughly and our knowledge and equipment is up to the task.

Lastly, relating to sweeping cost.  I have always used a flat rate system.  I do occasionally encounter a terribly inefficient systems or some customers using green or wet wood which produces high creosote levels or even a thick glaze in the chimney.  Or even customers who only call when their chimney no longer is working properly. These are not the normal cases, but when they do occur there will be an additional cost for the additional work and skill required.   There are very rare occasions where I actually am unable to determine the extent of work until getting into the job and in those very rare cases you will be informed after the fact.