A WETT Inspection is NOT the place to go price shopping.

Some ask the price ONLY – not having any clue that all WETT Inspections are NOT THE SAME.. nor are all WETT INSPECTORS THE SAME.

Some call and ONLY ask for the price of a WETT Inspection.. What? Why?

Well first of all lets get one thing straight – what should a WETT Inspection Include – and if it doesn’t the RUN!

You should be asking WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE WETT INSPECTION (AND WHAT LEVEL OF INSPECTION AM I GETTING).  Note: If you are buying a home the NFPA-211 states you NEED a Level 2 Inspection performed!!  Don’t be fooled into getting less.

  • inspection of wood stove or fireplace including the inside firebox area where wood burns.
    • in the case of woodstove include the refractory bricks
    • in the case of woodstove include the operation of all parts – seals and controls
    • in the case of fireplace include the condition of bricks and damper
    • in the case of fireplace include the smoke shelf
    • in the case of fireplace measure the depth, width and height of the fireplace opening
    • in the case of fireplace measure the flue (chimney) size
    • in the case of woodstove measure the flue (stove pipe) size
  • inspection of all pipes inside home and condition of pipes – clearances of pipes to combustibles and fasteners at all joints as well as area of expansion
  • inspection of chimney from top to bottom where visible
  • inspection of deposits in chimney (around three quarters of all chimneys on inspections need a cleaning)
  • height of chimney from top to bottom
  • length of pipes inside house
  • distance to combustibles – front – rear – sides – etc.

Now some unscrupulous people may try to sell you something else and do it for a reduce price!  But if using the WETT Recommended lists all of above and more is on them.  Yes there are some offering low cost WETT Inspections – and I have seen the result of some of them.

One recently in Orillia where :

  • chimney was not inspected at all and no report on chimney at all!
  • chimney was too short (that is part of report if one was ever done)
  • system needed cleaning (that is part of report if one was ever done)
  • refractory bricks in stove were missing!  (if not present it is NOT a certified stove any longer)
  • holes you could see daylight in stove pipes (yes you could hold up and see daylight through the pipe)
  • zero screws or fasteners in pipes
  • and more.. and more..

All from a WETT Inspector in Barrie who sells their services at low prices and claims to be great!  Don’t be fooled.. look for a WETT Comprehensive Inspector and get it done RIGHT!

Author: Chimney Sweep

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