Another Inspection …

Did another WETT inspection yesterday up in Sawlog Bay area yesterday.  Now Home Inspector had done review on home and said stove was okay apparently.  So how did they do?  Well not too bad for a Level 1 inspection.. which is why a Level 2 is so important!

But they did miss:

  • no screws or fasteners in pipe – none..
  • clearances for rear of stove insufficient
  • clearances for single wall pipe insufficient (by around 2 inches)
  • missing components inside firebox (essentially 2/3 of secondary burn area was missing)

Yes I had screws and added.  Yes I was able to reposition stove on ember pad and obtain clearances and still have proper ember pad extensions.. and yes I will be able to fix the secondary burn pieces on another visit.

But why was none of this picked up earlier?

Author: Chimney Sweep

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