Another Home Inspector Error!

Not again!  Yes.. a Home Inspector from Barrie doing an inspection on a wood burning system near Orillia!  Recommended by the Real Estate agent no less..

Now not saying the system was perfect – nor do I know if he has made more errors.. because I have actually not even see the job.  I am correcting the work.. but the WETT report was sent to me.  Actually yet another non-standard report generated by the Home Inspector which frankly is lacking some of the information recommended by WETT .. but that is yet another problem WETT is working on.

But at least one glaring problem .. where the inspector stated a clearance to combustible problem .. showing the required distance and the actual distance.  For single wall pipe.. the actual is 18 inches.  Which he claims is wrong and needs 21.5 inches.  No where does it say 21.5 inches is needed for ANY single wall pipe.. the installation as it was done was meeting code!

Now there were a couple of other items of concern, corner clearance on stove to combustible which appears to be accurate – but will see when I get there.

Fact is that typically 1/2 of all Home Inspector WETT reports seem to have blatant errors in them.  Why!?

Call a WETT Inspector who is also a Certified Chimney Sweep – with more experience – and get it done right.

Bruce Grant – a Home Inspector in Orillia area has it right.. Buyer Beware!  He knows the risks and dangers and warns consumers on what to look for in hiring a WETT Inspector.

Author: Chimney Sweep

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